In my spare time, I enjoy creating different characters, giving them nasal voices, or gravelly ones, and high-pitched or low. I move the placement of my voice around, like chest-voice or head-voice, and I play with various accents, studying to get the vowels, consonants and inflections right. Then I come up with unique monologues to bring them to life! Here are a few I’ve put together. If you give me some ideas, I can create some for you, too!

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Pop-game Game and Character Demo:

Other samples:

Dogbone Two dogs discuss how to score food from the table
privateeye A lady in dire need of assistance from a private detective
emporium The shopkeeper of the Emporium of Enchantments
sargesm Sarge Dillon of the Bravo Team
tavernserver Serving wench at tavern offers tasty advice

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