From online courses, to informative instruction or step by step directions, I provide e-learning voiceovers that give the listeners exactly what they need in order to either enrich their lives or accomplish their goals. I sincerely hope no one calls you to say that your voice-over person was awesome. Instead, I want them to be engaged in the presentation and say your message was awesome. My job is to convey your message not distract from it.

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Pop-learn E-learning Demo:
Pop-learn Explainer Demo:

Other audio samples:

wordup Writer’s advice about misusing the word “only”
data-head Rackspace lesson on Big Data in the cloud
leadership Discussion on leadership

Video samples:

Falcon Deploy

Deploy Falcon!

Wikiparti application tutorial

Program Wikibook without code

Thoughts from some of my clients

David Seo – CrowdParti:

Working with Cat is great. I especially love her proactive attitude and support. My target audience is K-12 U.S. teachers, and I believe that Cat’s voice gives them confidence in my application. Her voice is friendly, and people like to listen to it. When I work with Cat, I feel like I’m working with my friend. She is very active and gives me good advice when I ask for it. I really appreciate her for that. 

Stephen Villarreal – Rackspace:

I’ve worked with Cat on several eLearning projects where voice over tone played an essential role in the delivery. The content was technical but we wanted a casual tone to better relate with non-technical audiences. Cat worked with us to modify scripts and deliver a casual but credible tone throughout a series of eLearning lessons. Learners have commented that the subject-matter in the lessons were easy to understand despite their technical nature. I look forward to working with Cat because she listens and understands requirements and always delivers quality voice over work.

Sir Cheptiony Mutai, Techtube VideoStudio:

From the first time Cat did voice overs for our E-learning and Tutorial projects, we liked her voice. She has a very catchy voice which can maintain the listener’s attention throughout the videos we produce. She reads with a lot of authority. On most occasions, one take is enough. To make our deal with her even juicier, she can be reached anytime on Skype for any new project.

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