About Cat Lookabaugh

My Journey to Voiceover Work


My voiceover career grew from two areas: 1) growing up in Europe, which trained my ear for accents and taught me to explore new things, and 2) my love of making complex information easy to understand so people can succeed at their jobs and lives.


My first foray into the world of voiceovers was recording a series of messages for an automated phone ordering system at my day job. Just for fun, I recorded using a British accent—and no one knew it was me!


My second career as a Tech Writer was also about making complicated information easier to understand, but in written form. A twist of circumstances led me to e-learning voice work, where my voice over journey really began.


I now love using my voice talents to keep listeners engaged while also helping them use the information they hear to move forward in their careers and their lives.


I began my voiceover training in 2012, and I continue to study with outstanding voiceover instructors.


Tim Tippett and George Whittem taught me the studio and sound engineering side of the business, and I continue to attend conferences and workshops such as Voiceover Atlanta to take my skills as high as they can go.

My Amazing Instructors

  • Sean Allen Pratt, Jamie Mattler, Johnny Heller, and Pat Fraley – Audio Books
  • J. Michael Collins and Tom Dheere – Voiceover Business Strategy and E-Learning
  • J. Michael Collins and Kathy Poelker – Commercial, Political, and General Voice Acting
  • Marc Graue, Pat Fraley, and Hugh Edwards – Characters and Video Games

More Background

I was born in Oklahoma, USA, but I grew up outside the U.S., moving with my family when I was two and a half years old. I spent the next ten years of my life in London and then four-and-a-half years in Norway. We then came home, and I finished high school in Houston, TX.


After receiving a BS in Business with a minor in computer science from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX, I completed a Master’s Degree in Business Computing Science from Texas A&M. Along with IT and programming, my professional career also included business writing, technical writing, problem-solving, and support of various programs used by employee groups. This is where I developed my passion for helping people to understand the technology they use.


Currently I live in San Antonio, TX, with my wife of 15 years as well as my brood of two Boston Terriers, one Rhodesian Ridgeback/Mastiff mix, three Main Coons, and two rescued American Short Hair cats.


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