Voice Actor Services by Cat Lookabaugh

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Voiceover Services

As a professional voice actor, I provide a wide range of voiceover services which can be tailored to meet your specific customers, market space, or business genre.

  • Audio Books – Fiction and Non-Fiction
  • Explainers and Web Videos
  • E-Learning
  • Online Classes and Tutorials
  • Corporate Narration
  • Audio Book Proofing
  • Telephony – Voice Mail, Hold Messages, and General Messages
  • Broadcast Commercials (TV and Radio)
  • Video Games
  • Political Commercials

Text Editing Services

My work as a technical writer also meshes well with English as a Second Language (ESL) voiceover projects. I can help edit a script to flow more naturally. I can use correct phrasing for ESL organizations focusing on English-speaking clients.


Music Mixing Services

If you provide a music bed, I can mix it with my audio in projects such as on-hold messages or explainer videos. I can also find royalty-free music (with a one-time licensing fee) to mix in for you.

Some Recent Work


  • Voice of the arbiter on the video game Raid Shadow Legend by Palarium and the lead character on gamified training by Fire Hose Games
  • A series of 12 one-hour audio books for IEEE that focus on inspiring kids to consider engineering careers
  • Over 25 fiction and non-fiction audio recordings for Bella Books, Erin Go Bragh Publishing, and MagicBlox Books, including romance, young adult novels, and how-to books
  • Audiobook proofing for Common Mode and other narrators
  • E-learning audio for Microsoft, Qualcomm, Deloitte, Rackspace, and more
  • Explainer videos for a variety of customers


How I deliver amazing results

I continually adjust my recording approach until it matches seamlessly with your vision. I do this by:


  • Taking time to analyze each script.
  • Learning my client’s intended audience.
  • Unlocking the intent of the script.
  • Collaborating with my clients to go above and beyond their expectations.

Why working with me gets you more.

My voice skills offer you so many choices of sound quality, accents, and character options, from Millennials to aging seniors. As a result, I can carefully craft a read that faithfully delivers your message so that the listener truly gets it.

Let my voice be the path of growth for your clients and employees!


Email: catlook@voiceoversbycat.com

Phone: (830) 200-0349

Voice Qualities

  • Bright and Clear
  • Focused
  • Friendly/Kind
  • Warm and Soothing
  • Casual and Smooth
  • Neighborly

Character Portrayals

  • Teacher
  • Peer/Teammate
  • Emporium Shopkeeper
  • Dispassionate AI
  • Nerd/Geek
  • Shy/Introvert
  • Wide-eyed Dreamer
  • Snarky Smarty-Pants
  • Thoughtful Friend
  • Animals
  • Fighter/Paladin
  • Concerned Mother
  • Thief/Guttersnipe
  • Stuck-up Snob


  • Neutral American
  • Appalachian
  • Texan
  • Midwest
  • California
  • Southern (non-rhotic)
  • British R.P.
  • British London
  • Yorkshire
  • Welsh
  • Mid-Atlantic/ Transatlantic
  • Australian
  • French
  • German
  • Irish
  • Caribbean


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